Chinese Buddhism

Chinese Buddhism

Databases (Find Articles and Reports)

Catalog Database of Republican Era Buddhist Journals 『民 國 佛 教 期 刊 文 獻 集 成』 - 書目資料庫 Mixed abstract and full-text.

This database contains records for over 140,000 articles published in Chinese Buddhist Journals of the Republican Era (1911-1949). These are all articles collected in the Minguo fojiao qikan wenxian jicheng 民國佛教期刊文獻集成, (Complete Collection of Republican-Era Buddhist Periodical Literature) (MFQ), and its supplement the Minguo fojiao qikan wenxian jicheng bubian 民國佛教期刊文獻集成.補編, (MFQB).

Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism 近代中國佛教檢索

A collaborative gathering of information related to Buddhism in China between 1850 and 1950 CE.

FoGuangPedia Collection Mixed abstract and full-text.

FoGuangPedia 佛光百科 is a collaborative platform for understanding, researching, discussing and sharing information on Humanistic Buddhism 人間佛教, Venerable Master Hsing Yun's works and collections 星雲大師文集, Fo Guang Shan's terminologies 佛光山詞彙, Buddhism Q&A 佛學問答, Buddhist translations, and many others information and topics related to the propagation of Humanistic Buddhism in English. Also: academic papers, books, Venerable Master Hsing Yun's collections, newsletters, FGS translations, ritual & ceremony, Ch'an meditation materials,lectures, teaching materials, etc.

HKInChiP 香港中文期刊論文索引 Abstract only.

A database which indexes Chinese/English journal articles published in Hong Kong.

National Social Sciences Database 国家哲学社会科学学术期刊数据库 Select items at the resource for UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

A national Chinese database indexing articles in social sciences. Non-UWest users can access articles by signing up for an individual account at this link.

國家圖書館期刊文獻資訊網 NCL Taiwan Periodical Literature Mixed abstract and full-text.

A database which indexes Chinese/English journal articles published in Hong Kong.

Chinese Buddhist Canon

Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon into Western Languages Abstract only.

This is a working bibliography of translations of Chinese Buddhist texts from the Taishō edition of the canon into Western languages. Some translations of extra-canonical Chinese Buddhist texts are included.


Helps to "locate in the various texts and textual corpora (approximate) textual matches and to study them from various angles."

CBETA Chinese Electronic Tripitaka Collection 電子佛典

Software for reading and searching through the Chinese Canon.

Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database

The aim of the database is to record information about ascriptions of Chinese Buddhist texts, especially in the very many cases in which scholars have questioned received ascriptions (as embodied, for example, in Taishō bylines).

Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database (CBC@)

"As we have received them, the texts of the Chinese Buddhist canon (usually accessed via the Taishō edition), and other Chinese Buddhist texts, are rife with problems of incorrect attribution and dating. It is therefore imperative that scholars vigorously exercise critical awareness with regard to traditional attributions and dates. However, it is often difficult for individual scholars to keep abreast of evidence, arguments and judgments in primary literature and secondary scholarship, which might bear on the critical assessment of attributions or dates for individual texts. The Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database (CBC@) is a user-contributor reference tool designed to help scholars collaborate to keep track of information regarding such questions."

Digital Database of Buddhist Tripitaka Catalogues 佛教藏經目錄數位資料庫 Mixed abstract and full-text.

A collection of multi-lingual Tripitaka catalogues. "There are 22 editions and about 33,700 catalogs from Chinese Buddhist Tripitaka, including the stone carved "Fangshan Shijing". The Tibetan Buddhist Tripitaka has about 4,569 catalogues, the Pali Tipitaka has 7,003 catalogues of Nikaya and Agama suttas, and there are also Sanskrit catalogs, deriving mainly from the manuscripts found in Central Asia."

Thesaurus Literaturae Buddhicae

"...a multilingual presentation of Buddhist literature sentence by sentence in Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan, English, etc." Texts can be read in parallel, sentence by sentence or via search.

WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts

"...a comprehensive list of Chinese Buddhist texts. It currently contains 4418 texts by 1513 authors/translators/compilers." -- Introduction.

Chinese Classic Texts

Chinese Text Project

An online digital library that makes pre-modern (pre-Qin and Han, post-Han) Chinese texts available online. Includes annotations, overlayed dictionary entries, references, English translations, and more.


"With MARKUS you can upload a file in classical Chinese (and perhaps in the future other languages) and tag personal names, place names, temporal references, and bureaucratic offices automatically. You can also upload your own list of key terms for automated tagging. You can then read a document while checking a range of reference works at the same time, or compare passages in which the same names or keywords appear." Check its research blog examples of how the data extracted from this tool is used.

Dissertations & Theses

佛教相關博碩士論文提要檢索系統 Abstract only.

Searchable index of Buddhist dissertations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Reference (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Bibliographies)

A Chinese Translation of A.P. Buddhadatta's "Concise Pali-English Dictionary" : Digital Edition Abstract only.

The translation was made from the second edition (1958) of A.P. Buddhadatta's "Concise Pali-English Dictionary". First published in Colombo, this edition is now available as reprint (Delhi: Motilal Barnasidass) 294 pgs.

Buddhist Studies Authority Database Project 佛學規範資料庫

Cross referencing names of people, places, and time in the Buddhist literature. An Encyclopaedia on Chinese History, Literature and Art

Edited by Dr. U. Theobald, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chinese Studies, University of Tübingen, Germany.

Chinese Civilization in Time and Space Abstract only.

Enables search of historical place names in Chinese history.

DDBC Glossaries Search

From the  Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, this online search engine searches for terms across multiple Buddhist dictionaries and glossaries.

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism Select items at the resource for UWest patrons only.

A compilation of Buddhist terms, texts, temple, schools, persons, etc. found in Buddhist canonical sources with indices to other major Buddhist dictionaries. Unlimited search available via link above.

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  • Android app: DDB Access (unlimited search does not work off campus, use 'guest' to make up to 10 searches)
NTI Buddhist Text Reader

A general purpose Chinese text reader and Chinese-English dictionary with an emphasis on Buddhist terminology.

Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu

An English translation of the Ming Shi-lu, which can be searched and browsed by year.

The China Historical Geographic Information System

"...a free database of placenames and historical administrative units for the Chinese Dynasties."

Related Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers)

Asian Ethnology Select items at the resource for UWest patrons only.

"...seeks to deepen understanding and further the pursuit of knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Asia."

Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

A journal of the Association of Chinese Philosophers in America.

Journal of Chinese Buddhist studies 中華佛學學報

"...a scholarly journal dedicated to the historical study of Chinese Buddhism in the premodern and modern periods."

Journal of Chinese Religions For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

Journal for the Society for the Study of Chinese Religions.

The Eastern Buddhist Select items at the resource for UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

"...carries articles on all aspects of Buddhism as well as English translations of classical Buddhist texts and works by modern Buddhist thinkers."

Related Books

Citing with Chicago Manual of Style

Quick Guide on Citation Style for Chinese, Japanese and Korean Sources

This guide from Yale gives an overview of how to cite Chinese, Japanese and Korean sources in Chicago style.