Graduate Study Room Policy

Please complete the application after reviewing the following policy.


I.    Location and Access

a.    The graduate student study room is located on the first floor of the Education Building, access via the back entrance of the library or through the library.
b.    The room is accessible by assigned entry code during library hours, barring maintenance or evacuations.
c.    The area may be monitored by camera for security and emergency management purposes.
d.    Unauthorized access results in a permanent ban. These include but are not limited to:
i.    Allowing non-students or students who have not reserved a carrel to enter.
ii.   Sharing assigned entry code.
iii.  Entering during maintenance or evacuations.


II.    Facilities

a.    16 individual study carrels
b.    16 individual lockers
c.    1 discussion table
d.    1 computer station
e.    1 multifunction printer/scanner/copier. See print options on setting up to print.


III.    Eligibility to Apply – Registered Graduate Students with Tiered Priority

a.    Doctoral student: Priority reservation.
i.    Immediate assignment of room code/carrel/locker upon receiving the application.
ii.   Priority reservation deadline is before the first day of classes.
b.    Master’s student on thesis writing track: 2nd tier priority reservation.
i.    Upon receiving the application, is wait-listed in 2nd tier until the first day of classes. Student will be notified via UWest email if a carrel/locker has been assigned.
c.    Master’s student on non-thesis writing track: 3rd tier priority reservation.
i.    Upon receiving the application, is wait-listed in 3rd tier until the first day of classes. Student will be notified UWest email if a carrel/locker has been assigned.
d.    Graduate students: After the first day of classes, vacancies are filled on a first come first serve basis.


IV.    Applying for Reservations

a.    Applications/Re-applications for the upcoming semester are before the end of the semester.
i.    Fall class registration can be used to qualify for summer semester reservations.
b.    Reservations are granted by tiered priority. Within each tier, it is first come, first serve.
c.    Reservations are good for one carrel/locker per semester.
i.    All items must be cleaned out by the last day of classes for the current semester unless:
1.    Doctoral students: Re-application of reservation has been submitted and granted.
2.    Master’s students: Re-application of reservation has been submitted and student is wait-listed. Reservations are not guaranteed until the assignment of carrels/lockers on the first day of classes.
ii.   Items left after the last day of classes without a re-application will be sent to Student Life as Lost and Found.
d.    Carrels and lockers are assigned in sequence; we will not observe requests for specific carrels or lockers.


V.    Carrels & Lockers

a.    The library is not responsible for the loss of personal items left in the carrels or lockers.
b.    Students are expected to keep their own carrels and lockers clean and free from trash.
c.    Students may be held liable for damages resulting from misuse of the furniture and equipment. This includes but is not limited to:
i.    Using permanent adhesives to stick items.
ii.   Marking on or deliberately scratching the surfaces.
d.    Keys will be provided for the lockers.
i.    Keys are not to be duplicated.
ii.   Broken or lost locks/keys will incur a fee of $20.
e.    Library books are to be checked out before being stored in the carrels or lockers.


VI.    Code of Conduct

a.    The room is a shared space for the purpose of quiet study, any deviations from this use may result in a warning, the loss of the reservation, a permanent ban, and/or a referral university administrators.
b.    The library’s code of conduct also covers the graduate study room. Including:
i.    Food and drinks are not allowed, and may not be stored in the lockers. This is to prevent pests and odors in the shared space as lockers are not air tight.
ii.   Water must be capped and spill-proof. Disposable (coffee) cups and open mugs are not spill-proof and may not be used.
iii.  One warning will be provided for issues regarding food and drink. Subsequent violations will result in a permanent ban.
c.    Talking is to be kept to a minimum.
d.    Any items that may pose a fire and safety hazard are strictly prohibited.
i.    Including but not limited to: Candles, heaters, toasters, and kettles.
ii.   Walkways are to be kept clear and free of wires, equipment, and belongings.
e.    Students are observe all measures to keep themselves and others safe and their belongings secure:
i.    Leave all windows unobstructed.
ii.   Make sure the door is securely locked when entering or leaving.
iii.   Report all violations of access and code of conduct to library staff immediately. If not available, then notify campus security.
f.    Library staff and campus security reserve the right to do the following at any time:
i.    Inspect the room and all carrels/lockers for policy compliance.
ii.   Remove banned and/or dangerous items.
iii.  Revoke and/or permanently ban access.