Faculty Services

A. Purchase Request

If this item should be put on course reserve, please use the Course Reserve Request Form instead. If there are any personal suggestions or recommendations, please use our suggestions form.
To request the purchase of an item, please fill this form: Faculty/Department purchase request form.


B. Course Reserves (Physical & Online Files)

Course reserve items are supplemental class reference materials that are placed behind the library circulation desk or on the library website.


a) Course Reserves (Physical Items)

 Course Reserve Request Form
Use the form above to place items on course reserves at the library. We also accept instructor copies. Submitting the list to us before the beginning of the semester ensures that we can get the item in a timely manner.


b) Electronic Course Files (Online Files)

Sign into your library account. There is a course reserves link to the courses, and under the Instructor Menu of the page, there is a link to add files, links, and notes. For detailed assistance with this feature, contact us and take a look at this orientation sheet (the course reserves section is near the end). Contact the department's student assistants for help with coordinating selected scanning and file uploads.


C. Library Workshop Instruction

Faculty may request library workshops for classes to get students familiarized with using academic databases and online resources. Let us know if there is a specific assignment or topic so that we may tailor the workshop to that assignment.


D. Room Reservations

Room schedules are viewable without login here. Log into your library account to reserve a room.


E. Borrowing Privileges (Including ILL)


F. Computer Access

Please contact the IT department at ED214 or any of the following extensions:137, 303, 376 for wifi or access to computers in the library. If IT is closed, check with the circulation desk for temporary access.


G. Printing & Copies

Faculty members may print to their office printers (ED324 for adjuncts) and use administration copiers in the AD/ED buildings with established PINs.
• For technical assistance, please contact the IT department at ED214 or any of the following extensions:137, 303, 376.
• For assistance with coordinating large jobs, please check with your department's student assistants.
Library self-service copiers and printers are on a different network than the Administration/ED building copiers/printers. They will not accept PINs or prints from faculty computers. If you would like to make prints or copies at the library, please check with the circulation desk for temporary access.


H. Open Access e-Textbook & Reference Resources

By Subject:
Business & Information Systems | Chaplaincy | General Education | Life Sciences | Literature and Writing | Mathematics | Psychology | Religious Studies | Social Sciences
By Directories:
http://aimath.org/textbooks/approved-textbooks/ - AIM (American Institute of Mathematics) approved textbooks.
http://openstaxcollege.org/books - An initiative of Rice University.
http://opensuny.org/omp/index.php/SUNYOpenTextbooks - Established by the State University of New York.
http://www.merlot.org/ - A program of California State University.
http://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/ - Hosted by the University of Minnesota.
http://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/ - Supported by BCcampus and funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education.