Code of Conduct

The library is responsible for providing a welcoming, safe, and productive environment for its patrons. It is also charged with protecting library materials for future patrons. The following policies ensure that these objectives are reached. Problems, concerns, and violations of the policies may be reported to the library staff at the circulation desk or via any other methods listed on the library contact page. Patrons who do not adhere to the code of conduct may be given a warning, asked to leave the building, refused future access, or may be subject to prosecution.
Food and Drink
For the protection of library materials, food and drink are not permitted in the library. Water is permitted but must be inside a capped and spill-proof container. Disposable cups, fast food drink containers, and open mugs are not spill-proof and may not be used.
Noise and Disorderly Behavior
Excessive noise and disorderly behavior are not permitted in the library. Excessive noise includes loud conversations and the use of audio devices (cellphones, music players, etc.) in a disruptive manner. Cellphones should be set to silent and conversations should be taken outside the building. Disorderly behavior includes verbal abuse, threats of violence, harassment, and all other activities that interfere with the duties of library staff.
Animals are not permitted in the library except in the case of service animals as defined by the ADA.
Personal Belongings
Personal items left in the library are at the risk of being stolen. The library is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items and reserves the right to place any unattended items in Lost and Found at Student Life.
Abuse of Materials and Facilities
Marking, removing, defacing and/or damaging any library materials, furniture, and facilities is considered vandalism of library property and is therefore not permitted.

Theft Prevention
Patrons may be asked to present book bags, backpacks, or any other containers for inspection upon exiting if the library’s security system activates an alarm.
Bicycles and Wheeled Conveyances
Bicycles are not permitted in the library. No wheeled conveyances are to be ridden in the library.
All university policies not listed here are also enforced.