Print, Copy & Binding Services

Spring & Summer 2021: To print, please make sure it is during our curbside pickup hours.

Students can connect to campus wifi in the parking lot directly outside the library (behind the auditorium).

Print using any of the 3 'Multiple Ways to Print' methods below--choose only library printers.

To save energy, the printers are OFF until there is an incoming print job. If printers are not turned on within 5 minutes of a print job being sent, print jobs are canceled to prevent overcharging of credits. So please call (626) 677-3319 within 5 minutes of printing so we can (1) turn on the printer (2) confirm your print outs and (3) ask you to confirm a time for pickup.


Cost to Print or Copy

  • Black & White Copying: 1 credit per copy.
  • Black & White Printing: 1 credit per single or double-sided page.
  • Color Printing: 5 credits per single or double-sided page.
  • Please note that the library observes copyright restrictions on copies and printouts.
  • All printers and copy machines only have LETTER size paper (no A4, ledger, or legal).

Semester Quota

There will be a semester quota of 50 credits for every registered student who has paid their comprehensive fee each semester. Quotas do not roll over. More credits can be purchased (see the end of this page for prices). Purchased credits are not refundable/transferable, but will roll over to next semester.



Multiple Ways to Print


1. Email-to-Print: Print via Email Attachments (by computer, laptop, tablet, or phone)

As long as you can send an email, you can print simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get PDFs/MS Office/picture files (no duplex, PowerPoint handouts layouts, custom range, orientation/paper size change). Compose a new email with your* email (tablet & phone apps) and attach your document(s). Files should be under 10 items--if more, use the other methods below. Send this email to the printer's email:

*If you send via a non-UWest email address, you will receive a reply email with additional instructions to link your printing account to that email. You must be on campus UW-STU wifi. Subsequent printing via this email will no longer require campus wifi.


2. WebPrint: Print via File Uploads

You can print simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get PDFs/MS Office/picture files (no duplex, PowerPoint handouts layouts, custom range, orientation/paper size change) by uploading the files to the library's Web Print website (you must be on the campus student wifi network UW-STU). Log in with your library account and you will be prompted to pick a printer and upload the files to print.


3. Print via Personal Laptop w/ Papercut Installation

If you want to print from your own laptop with all the custom features of printouts (duplex, paper orientation, size, etc.), you will need to setup the printer(s) and the Papercut printing program on your computer:

Windows - Select Printers | Graduate Study Room Only:

WINDOWS DIRECTIONS: Download the file from the Windows - Select Printers link above. Open the file. Win8/10: Select the small 'More Info' link from the popup. Click 'Run Anyway.' Follow the detailed instructions on screen, including special login information. You may delete the file after installation. If you are unable to install, please contact IT.



MAC DIRECTIONS: Download the Word document from the MAC link above. These are manual setup instructions. If you are unable to install, please contact IT.


4. Print via Campus Computers (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Students may print directly to nearby printers when logged into campus computers in the library or computer lab. The location of the printer is in the printer name.


5. Printing for Guests/One-off Printing (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get PDFs/MS Office/picture files (no duplex, PowerPoint handouts layouts, custom range, orientation change) printing is available for guests via email attachment at the library. Send an email with the file to print to:

Guest printouts are released at the library circulation desk upon payment.



Copies at the Library (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

There are two black and white copy machines at the library available for making copies. Copies can be made with a UWest ID card. If no ID card is available, please see circulation desk staff.

Purchasing Credits (Currently available only at accounting office, please call ahead 626-571-8811 ex:2123)

Non-transferable/non-refundable credits are sold as follows:

  • Under 50 credits (12 cents per credit)
  • 50 credits for $5.00 (10 cents per credit)
  • 100 credits for $8.00 (8 cents per credit)
  • 200 credits for $14.00 (7 cents per credit)
  • 1000 credits for $60.00 (6 cents per credit)

For credits or amounts in between the list above, rates are applied by the last threshold reached: 150 credits will cost $12.00 (8 cents per credit)

Official student organizations & clubs: 6 cents per credit, no minimum.

If you have credits in your account, you will not need to come by the circulation desk to pick up your prints. Your documents will release to the printer immediately. If you do not have your own account, or you are a guest user, you should hit 'print' first, and pay at the circulation desk. Your print job will then be released.



Binding at the Library (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

The library offers "strip binding" of papers for projects or presentations. 

  • $4.00 minimum charge per bound copy (1-200 physical pages).
  • $1.00 for every 100 physical pages (inclusive) after 200 physical pages.