Rare Materials Usage Policy

Due to the rarity and fragility of these materials, patrons must adhere to the following policies in order to use them:

  1. Items are to be pulled by library staff and all items must be used in front of the circulation desk. Items are not to leave the area unless moved by library staff.

  2. These items are out of copyright (dated 1223-1916), however, due to the fragility of some materials, library staff must mediate and provide explicit approval before any duplication of rare materials. When duplications are reproduced, we ask as a courtesy that the source includes University of the West Library as its originating collection.

  3. Patrons should wash and dry their hands before using the materials.

  4. Items should be laid flat on the table, not held in hand or placed in lap.

  5. Patrons may not use paperclips, post-its, pencils, pens, or any non-library approved items to mark materials.

  6. Patrons should notify the library staff of any insects, mold, or excessive deterioration.

  7. Items are not to be left unattended. Patrons should contact the library staff if they will temporarily leave the circulation desk area or are finished with the materials.