Recalling a book is putting in a request to have a book returned to the library before its due date. If you place a recall on a book, you should be able to obtain the book within 2 weeks.

My book has been recalled, but I really need it/I just checked it out!

A recall does not mean you must return the book immediately, the notice will provide the due date for you, we request that you return the item before then. You can request a recall of the same book after it has been checked out or ask us about other options if needed. Please make sure you return items on time, as late returns for recalled items are fined at $1/day/item.

How do I place a recall?

Search the library catalog for the item you want. Click on the title link of the item you want. Click on the 'Please get this for me' button on the top of the availability information. You will need to be logged into your library account in order to do the request. ETA is the estimate time of arrival, which is the approximate time in which the book will be returned. This is ONLY an estimate.

How will I know when the item is available?

You will be notified by e-mail when the item is available for pick up. It will also be indicated in your library account when you log in. We will hold it for you at the circulation desk for 5 working days. If the item is not picked up, it will be released back into the stacks unless otherwise notified.

How can I cancel my recall request?

There will be an option to cancel your recall request available in your account. Log-in and check next to your recalled item. The cancellation link is right next to the item.