Pros And Cons Research

Pros and Cons Research

Databases (Find Articles and Reports)


"Collecting, connecting, and sharing knowledge about critical social issues." Includes gray literature such as policy papers, reports, and proceedings.

ProQuest Research Library (All ProQuest) For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

Limit your search results of 'Document Types' to 'editorials' to find pro/con discussions.


New York Times: Room for Debate

Outside experts and commentators discuss various issues and current events.

Providing pro/con sides to specific issues. Contains documents resources and easy citations.

Public Agenda: Reports & Resources

The reports outline several approaches to solving specific public policy problems, along with the pros, cons and trade-offs of each choice. 


A database of current topics and issues under debate. Includes citation and resources for the pro or con side of the debate.