American Psychological Association (apa) Style

American Psychological Association (APA) Style


DiMenna-Nyselius Library: Citation Guides: APA

Look at examples of footnotes and bibliography formatting side by side.

The Basics of APA Style

Watch a slide show on the basics of APA style, including how to format your papers and how to cite in the text and how to format your bibliography.

University of Wisconsin Writing Center APA Documentation

University of Wisconsin has a detailed guide how to to use APA style with a downloadable PDF.

Writing for Psychology: A Guide for Psychology Concentrators

An entire overview for writing a psychology paper. Including guidelines for APA.

Online Tools

Citation Builder

NC State University has a citation builder that creates citation in APA format. Remember you would still need to have in-text citation in your paper.


A bibliography composer from Calvin College that creates citations in the MLA, APA, and Chicago styles through an easy-to-use web form. This will only help you with your bibliography, remember, you still need to do in-text citations.


From the makers of Zotero, ZoteroBib lets you generate a bibliography online and provides formatted in-text citation. No software download needed.

Samples Papers and Templates

APA Annotated and Sample Student Papers

Sample papers formatted in seventh edition APA Style, including one annotated (notes about what to pay attention to) and one in *.doc format that can be used as a template.

APA Style Sample Paper

What does a title page look like? Where does the page number go? What are the margins? Take a look at this sample paper from Purdue's Online Writing Lab.

Bibliographic Management Software

Purchase is required for this software. This is a full suite APA style software that integrates with a word processor. In addition to citations, it also assists with title pages, margins, and running heads. 


A bibliographic reference manager for gathering and organization citation information. An MS Word plugin can perform the cite-as-you-write function. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari plugins assist with gathering bibliographic information while researching online. Generates bibliographies in various citation styles with one click. More on how to use Zotero.

Foreign Languages

Quick Guide on Citation Style for Chinese, Japanese and Korean Sources

This guide from Yale gives an overview of how to cite Chinese, Japanese and Korean sources.