Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Map and GIS Based

Google Earth

Use Google Earth to explore geographical regions and present information geographically. Example: Myths and Legends from Around the World.

Old Maps Online

Indexes over 400,000 maps.


An open source mapping application.

Story Maps

Allows for the incorporation of maps and other visual aids into an online presentation.

Photo & Image Analysis


Juxtapose helps storytellers compare two pieces of similar media, including photos, and GIFs. It’s ideal for highlighting then/now stories that explain slow changes over time (growth of a city skyline, regrowth of a forest, etc.) or before/after stories that show the impact of single dramatic events (natural disasters, protests, wars, etc.).


SceneVR is an engaging way to tell stories from an entirely new perspective. It turns your collection of panoramic and VR-ready photos into a slideshow of navigable scenes, allowing you to create unique 360Β° narratives.

Time Based

Storyline JS

Storyline is an open-source tool that enables anyone to build an annotated, interactive line chart.


Use your web browser to create a quick timeline. This application can either accept manual timeline entries or automatically extract temporal (dates) from any segment of text.


Use Google sheets to create a timeline and add multimedia to the timeline.

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