I. General Information

The following guidelines presented by the Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee establish a university-wide standard of quality and legibility for the preparation of a thesis/dissertation.

a. Style Requirements

Thesis/dissertation must adhere to the format requirements in effect at the time of submission. The style for footnotes, bibliographies, tables, chapter headings, etc. is determined by individual departments. Students will need to consult with their advisors regarding departmental formatting requirements and review procedures. It is the dissertation/thesis advisor's responsibility to see that the manuscripts are edited for spelling, grammar, organization, stylistic consistency, correct sequence of pages, and agreement between the table of contents and the contents of the manuscript. Students may also reference guides here, and if you have Chinese, Japanese, and/or Korean sources, this citation guide from Yale is a good resource.

    b. Required Copies of the Theses/Dissertations & Binding Fee

    Students must submit two identical loose-leaf copies to the library: one for circulating/interlibrary loans and one for archival purposes. With your submission, you acknowledge that your dissertation/thesis will be made available for circulation purposes. The final thesis/dissertation must be shown to the library for formatting check before printing onto the final cotton paper. Send the finalized document in MS Word or PDF format to library@uwest.edu and allot at least 2 weeks time for this formatting check process. Note that the approval page may be signed by the committee before the formatting check, but it should be printed on the same cotton paper and follow the established template as provided in the appendix. You will also need to submit a final PDF copy of the dissertation/thesis to ProQuest/UMI publishing, see Part C below. Then, submit all physical materials with the following form filled out:

    UWest Dissertation/Thesis Binding Application Form (Binding price updated 1/22/2019)

    The option to bind additional copies for the graduate's personal collection is available, see the form above for details.

      c. Required ProQuest/UMI Publishing Electronic Submission

      The Proquest UMI service enables people to find and obtain access to dissertations and theses published through their service by placing abstracts and citations in major online indices. Students will be enriching the subject of their dissertation by participating in this program--other researchers can search and purchase/download your dissertation/thesis.

        There are different publishing options available; details are available in the online submission website below. We require that you minimally submit your work with the 'Traditional' publishing option--there are no charges associated with this option. You may request to publish with optional features, including the option to publish in 'Open Access' ($95), to order extra prints (varies), or to register for copyright protection ($55).

        First, please read the following publishing guidelines to understand the details of the submission process (files update 8/5/2014): Preparing your manuscript for submission (including supplemental files), Subject categories, Embargoes & restrictions, and Third-party Discovery & Access.  All  guides and and additional FAQs (how to create PDFs with embedded fonts) are all available here: Resources & Guides. Where ProQuest guidelines differ from the library guidelines, please contact us to confirm the difference before making changes to the electronic version of your manuscript. (Note that left margins should stay at 1.5 inches for both print copies and electronic versions to maintain consistent page numbers).

        Students should read the above guidelines for document specifications and details before submitting their work. Deviations from the specifications required will delay the publication process. The electronic version should be the same as the version you've printed out for binding. However, do not include actual signatures. Rather, use a non-signed version that still contains your and your advisors' names and/or dates typed out to match the written versions. This is to prevent the digital release of signatures and forgeries.

        Students will need to create an account at the following website and submit their work electronically:

        Online Submission to ProQuest

        Your submission will be reviewed before it is sent to ProQuest for publication. You may be notified via email to revise certain areas. If you wish to add certain options that require payment, you will need to provide a credit card to ProQuest.

        d. Copyright Registration

        • Students who wish to officially register their copyright may do so by contacting the U.S. Copyright Office for forms and procedures. The address is Library of Congress, Copyright Office, Washington, D.C., 20599.
        • ProQuest can act as an agent in registering for copyright. It is an option available in the online submission process. Again the fee for this service is $55.00 (subject to change), which covers the cost of the copyright registration and the submission of two microfilm copies to the Library of Congress.
        • Students should include a copyright legend © in one of the first pages of their dissertation even if they do not officially register their copyright.

        e. Official Name Used in the Thesis/Dissertation

        Degree candidates must present their full name in the thesis/dissertation as it is officially recorded at the Registrar's Office. This official name must be the same one used in all other required official graduation forms. The title of respect with a dharma name (or a clergy name) may be added and parenthesized after the official name.