Services During Remote Instruction

For information regarding general UWest operations and COVID-19, please see UWest Health Alert and check your or email.

The library is closed, however we will continue to provide services via phone, text, chat message, and online meeting technologies. Please contact us at any time if you need access to library materials and/or need help with finding information.

We encourage you to utilize our online resources and as well as the online materials via the catalog (Online Formats: Article, Chapter; a majority of Thesis, Dissertation; eBook; eVideo; Downloadable Archive Material) as they are all available remotely with your UWest library account. If you have any questions, you may contact us with various methods, including the messaging box at the corner of every library webpage:


Additional eBooks, eJournals, eVideos (Updated 3/26/2020, New Items at Bottom)

Items Type Included in the Catalog search Subjects

Borrow Limits

How to get to the items directly Expires
1. RedShelf: Student Response eTextbook seller to provide free access to its eBooks No All subjects 7
  1. Register for an account with your email: 
  2. Use the search bar the top to find the book you want.
2. VitalSource: Book Shelf eTextbook seller to provide free access to its eBooks No All subjects 7
  1. Register for an account with your email:
  2. Use the search bar at the top (slight right) to find the book you want.
3. JSTOR Journals & some ebooks. 4K eJournals and some 30K eBooks (not all) Yes All subjects N/A
  1. Go to library website > Database > JSTOR or
  2. Go directly to
4. Loeb Classics Library 561 eBooks Yes Greek and Roman classical texts N/A
  1. Go to library website > Catalog (the big search bar) > search for "Loeb Classical Library" or
  2. Go to
5. University of California Journals 34 eJournals  Yes Humanities and social sciences N/A
  1. Go to (the search on this page doesn't search journal articles).
  2. Find the journal you want, then do the search when you are on the journal's website.
6. Annual Reviews 66 journals Yes Medicine/life science, social science, economics N/A
  1. Go to
7. LA County Public Library eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, eMovies, eTVshows, online tutorials and classes. No Popular books, music, TV, and films Varies
  1. Register for eCard here:
  2. Go to for ebooks, evideos. Go to for tutorials and classes.
90 days from registration. Once libraries open and you can get an actual library card for permanent access.

8. Psychotherapy


300+ eVideos Yes Psychology, psychotherapy, counseling N/A
  1. Go to
9. Open Library / Internet Archive National Emergency Library 1.4 million+ eBooks 50% Yes All subjects 10 books / 2 weeks
  1. Register for your own account at
  2. Go to to search for books, items with a BLUE 'borrow' or 'read' icon are available to read online or
  3. There is a more updated list of ebooks here:, use the search filter at the left to search for your item.
10. Ohio State University Press 500+ eBooks 75% Yes All subjects N/A
  1. Go to
11. MIT Press 2796 eBooks Yes All subjects N/A
  1. Go to
12. University of Michigan Press 1143 eBooks Yes All subjects N/A
  1. Go to

13. Bloomsbury Digital Collections

9,000+ eBooks Yes Humanities and social sciences N/A
  1. Go to
14. Learning Express 18 eBooks Yes Tests, College Prep, Career Prep N/A
  1. Go to
15. Scribd 200K+ eBooks No All subjects, mix of academic and popular N/A
  1. Register for your own account here:
30 days from registration.
16. Project Muse some 21K eBooks and eJournals Yes All subjects N/A
  1. Any item with the green FREE symbol (use ACESS filter at the left after search):

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 3/26/2020)

Q: I have books checked out, do I need to return them right away?

A: All books previously due in March, April, and May have been automatically extended to May 31, 2020.

Q: I need a particular print book or article from the library, how do I get it?

A: We can scan and send you journal articles, or a small section/chapter of a book as permitted by copyright law. Use document delivery to request either any of our library items or items that the library does not have. We will deliver electronically if possible and let you know if it is not. Please keep in mind as this situation is ongoing worldwide, other institutions may not be lending physical materials.

Please also check our catalog for an e-version of the item, and the addition resources in the table above.

Q: I have some questions about using the library or doing research, how do I get help?

A: You may email, text, or message us. For more complex questions, we can also use a variety of online meeting technologies if you let us know your preference.

Q: Can I still use the graduate study room?

A: The closure of the library means you will not be able to access this floor of the ED building, thus the graduate study room will also be closed.

Q: How do I purchase print credits?

A: The accounting office is open Monday, Wednesday - Friday, 10am-12pm, 1pm-4:30pm (you may call first to confirm before heading there: 626-571-8811 ex:2123). Please pay there and accounting will forward the information for us to add to your print/copy account. Prices are listed here near the bottom of the page.