History Of China

History of China

Classic Texts

Chinese Text Project

An online digital library that makes pre-modern (pre-Qin and Han, post-Han) Chinese texts available online. Includes annotations, overlayed dictionary entries, references, English translations, and more.

Ming Qing Women's Writings

A digitized collection of writings from women in late imperial China (1368-1911).

Tang Song ci shi wen zong hui 唐宋词诗文总汇全文检索系统 For current UWest patrons only. Trial database, give us your feedback!

Trial expires: 6/30/2020. Titles on Tang and Song ci poems selected from Si ku quan shu 四库全书.


Asia for Educator

Includes resources for studies on East Asia. Navigate by theme or time period.

Early Republican Period - Present For current UWest patrons only.

A brief overview of Chinese history from the early republican period (1912) to present.

Reference (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Bibliographies)

Chinese Civilization in Time and Space Abstract only.

Enables search of historical place names in Chinese history.

Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu

An English translation of the Ming Shi-lu, which can be searched and browsed by year.

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