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Find a Book or Books

Getting Started

💬 I want to a book titled _____ by ____. Do we have it?

Finding out whether the library has a book is easy. Use the library catalog, which will tell you whether we have a book or not, and where to get it if we do:

You do not have to enter the entire title of your book. Just the keywords (important words), for example:

The book you want: 

Cognitive Humanistic Therapy: Buddhism, Christianity, and Being Fully Human by Richard Nelson-Jones.

The keywords you can use to search:

cognitive humanistic therapy Nelson-Jones

The more you type, the more likely you may have a typo. So, pick 2-3 words from the title that are important and the author's last name. The catalog tells me that the library does have this book and it is located in the MAIN section of the library, along with a Call Number location on the shelf.

Quick Tools

UWest Library Catalog Select items at the resource for UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

The library catalog can help you find books, journals, articles, and videos available at the library. You can also find items that are available at other libraries worldwide.