Film Studies

Film Studies

Databases (Find Articles and Reports)

Gale Biography in Context For current UWest patrons only.

Find biographical information about specific artists, actors, and directors. Includes the latest full text newspaper, journal articles, pictures, and multimedia files.

Reference (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Bibliographies)

Columbia Film Language Glossary

"The Columbia Film Language Glossary is a teaching tool designed to enhance the study of film. The Glossary features key terms in film studies selected by Columbia faculty and illustrated with detailed explanations, film clips, and visual annotations."

Related Books

Cinema of Attractions Reloaded

"Twenty years ago, noted film scholars Tom Gunning and Andre; Gaudreault introduced the phrase "cinema of attractions" to describe the essential qualities of films made in the medium's earliest days, those produced between 1895 and 1906. Now, The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded critically examines the term and its subsequent wide-ranging use in film studies."

Exploring movie construction and production : what's so exciting about movies?

"Exploring Movie Construction & Production contains eight chapters of the major areas of film construction and production. The discussion covers theme, genre, narrative structure, character portrayal, story, plot, directing style, cinematography, and editing. Important terminology is defined and types of analysis are discussed and demonstrated. An extended example of how a movie description reflects the setting, narrative structure..."

Keyframes: Popular Cinema and Cultural Studies For current UWest patrons only. Physical item available at the library.

"Through case studies from Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together to Judy Garland fandom on the Internet, this work examines the encounter between film studies and cultural studies, offering new ways of reading popular film."

Transfigurations: Violence, Death and Masculinity in American Cinema

"Transfigurations: Violence, Death and Masculinity in American Cinema suggests a fundamental rethinking of the notion of violence in Hollywood cinema, and discloses the methodological and theoretical inadequacies of a series of common approaches to screen violence."

Related Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers)

Cinema Journal For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

"Cinema Journal is published quarterly by the University of Texas Press, in cooperation with the Society for Cinema and Media Studies... Cinema Journal is open to all areas of humanities-oriented scholarship in media studies. " -Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Cinéaste For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

"America's leading magazine on the art and politics of the cinema."

Film History For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

"Film History publishes original research on the international history of cinema, broadly and inclusively understood." - Indiana University Press.

Film Quarterly For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

"Film Quarterly has been publishing substantial, peer-reviewed writing on motion pictures since 1958, earning a reputation as the most authoritative academic film journal in the United States." - University of California Press.

Jewish Film & New Media For current UWest patrons only.

"Jewish Film & New Media provides an outlet for research into any aspect of Jewish film, television, and new media and is unique in its interdisciplinary nature, exploring the rich and diverse cultural heritage across the globe." - Wayne University Press.

Journal of Film and Video For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

"The Journal of Film and Video, an internationally respected forum, focuses on scholarship in the fields of film and video production, history, theory, criticism, and aesthetics." -University of Illinois Press.

PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art For current UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

"PAJ explores innovative work in theatre, performance art, dance, video, writing, technology, sound, and music, bringing together all live arts in thoughtful cultural dialogue."-MIT Press Journals.

Related Videos

American Cinema For current UWest patrons only.

"Using clips from more than 300 of the greatest movies ever made, this series explores film history and American culture through the eyes of over 150 Hollywood insiders, including Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Eisner. In-depth treatments present film as a powerful economic force, potent twentieth-century art form, and viable career option. American Cinema connects subjects such as history, business, and English with other studies."

Cinema Asia: China For current UWest patrons only.

"With the abyss of the Cultural Revolution far behind it, cinema in the People's Republic of China is as vital and complex as any in the world. This program examines the so-called Fifth and Sixth generations of Chinese filmmakers, exploring their thematic and stylistic differences and their varying approaches to domestic and international markets."

Cinema Asia: India For current UWest patrons only.

"While northern India's 100-year-old film industry is best known for flamboyant dance sequences and romantic plot lines, its directors have begun to step outside established formulas and explore grittier subject matter. This program surveys the world of Bollywood filmmaking, examining the personalities as well as the commercial and thematic concerns that drive central Asia's answer to Tinseltown."

Cinema Asia: Iran For current UWest patrons only.

"Forbidden to depict sex, obscenity, or violence, Iranian filmmakers carefully choose their subjects and practice skillfully indirect, allegorical storytelling. Movies featuring children-filled with intimacy and social commentary that would be harder to realize using adults-have become common."

Cinema Asia: South Korea For current UWest patrons only.

"While often dealing with pointedly Korean issues, South Korean movies and television shows have pushed beyond their domestic market and are now highly respected by audiences across Asia and the world. This program studies ways in which South Korean films have changed over the decades, profiling a new generation of Korean filmmakers and their industry's tightrope walk between a blockbuster mind-set and more introspective storytelling."

Films on Demand Videos: Film Studies For current UWest patrons only.

From our streaming video database, Films on Demand, comes over 2000 educational and documentary clips for the topic of film studies.

How Hollywood Does It - Film History & Techniques of The Directing Process For current UWest patrons only.

"How Hollywood Does It is a look at the history, techniques, movements and people who create the magic of motion pictures. This program discuss three big jobs in motion picture making; screenwriting, producing and directing."

The Art of Film For current UWest patrons only.

"This program studies the art that underlies the craft of filmmaking-a painstaking process that culminates in the take, that shared moment of concentration when everything comes together."

The Silver Screen Revolution: American Cinema 1960-1980 For current UWest patrons only.

"Rejecting Hollywood's traditions, young American filmmakers in the 1960s forged a new cinema that held sway for two decades. This program revisits that period through detailed interviews with directors Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) and Lee Schatzberg (The Panic in Needle Park) and production designer Dean Tavoularis (The Godfather trilogy, Apocolypse Now) Scorcese talks at length about the upheaval of the Vietnam era and the challenges of getting Mean Streets made..."