IV. Printing Considerations

a. Paper

  • The one required copy of the thesis/dissertation must be on white, 8 1/2 inch, acid-free, 20 lb., 25% cotton paper. This paper can usually be found with resume paper at an office supply store.

b. Print Quality

  • Thesis/dissertation copies submitted for deposit should be printed with laser printers. Color copies are recommended if there are color images in the text.ย Print single-sided only, not in duplex (double-sided).

c. CD-ROMs and Other Non-Print Media

  • CD-ROMs and other non-print media containing additional material may be attached with the thesis/dissertation. However, it is recommended that the thesis/dissertation be understandable without the CD materials. Such material should be considered as a separate appendix.
  • CD-ROMs must be clearly marked with your name, degree, thesis title, department, university, and appendix title. Example:
    John Smith, Ph.D.
    My Dissertation Title
    Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Religious Studies,
    University of the West, 2008
    Appendix A: Interview Transcriptions


  • If a CD is included, an appendix page must be included and numbered accordingly. This page needs to include information about the contents of the CD, such as "Appendix A: Interview Questions" and a brief description.

d. A Manuscript Exceeding 500 Pages or 2.5 Inches in Thickness

  • Manuscript over 2.5 inches thick (more than approximately 500 pages) must be separated into two volumes of approximately equal size.
  • The division of a manuscript into separate volumes should occur at the end of a chapter.
  • Pagination of the second volume should continue from the first (i.e., do not begin at page 1 in the second volume).
  • Each volume must be submitted with two title pages indicating the appropriate volume number (use Arabic numerals, i.e. Volume 1 or Volume 2). The volume should appear two spaces above the heading "DISSERTATION" or "THESIS" on the title page.

Each volume should be submitted in a separate bundle. The first volume should have all the required front matter pages. The second volume will have only a copy of the title page added at the beginning.