IV. Printing Considerations

a. Paper

  • The one required copy of the thesis/dissertation must be on white, 8 1/2 inch, acid-free, 20 lb., 25% cotton paper. The library does not have this paper for sale. This paper can usually be found with resume paper at an office supply store.

b. Print Quality

  • Thesis/dissertation copies submitted for deposit should be printed with laserjet printers (not inkjet which is more likely to smear or fade with age). Color copies are recommended if there are color images in the text. Print single-sided only, not in duplex/double-sided.
  • You may print using library printers, however, there is a chance that the print jobs of other students may disrupt your print job. 

c. CD-ROMs and Other Non-Print Media

  • CD-ROMs and other non-print media containing additional material may be attached with the thesis/dissertation. However, it is recommended that the thesis/dissertation be understandable without the CD materials. Such material should be considered as a separate appendix.
  • CD-ROMs must be clearly marked with your name, degree, thesis title, department, university, and appendix title. Example:
    John Smith, Ph.D.
    My Dissertation Title
    Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Religious Studies,
    University of the West, 2008
    Appendix A: Interview Transcriptions


  • If a CD is included, an appendix page must be included and numbered accordingly. This page needs to include information about the contents of the CD, such as "Appendix A: Interview Questions" and a brief description.

d. A Manuscript Exceeding 500 Pages or 2.5 Inches in Thickness

  • Manuscript over 2.5 inches thick (more than approximately 500 pages) must be separated into two volumes of approximately equal size.
  • The division of a manuscript into separate volumes should occur at the end of a chapter.
  • Pagination of the second volume should continue from the first (i.e., do not begin at page 1 in the second volume).
  • Each volume must be submitted with two title pages indicating the appropriate volume number (use Arabic numerals, i.e. Volume 1 or Volume 2). The volume should appear two spaces above the heading "DISSERTATION" or "THESIS" on the title page.

Each volume should be submitted in a separate bundle. The first volume should have all the required front matter pages. The second volume will have only a copy of the title page added at the beginning.