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General Buddhism » Databases (Find Articles and Reports)

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials PLUS For current UWest patrons only.Mixed abstract and full-text.

Includes titles such as Pacific World, The Eastern Buddhist, and the Pure Land.

Brill Books and Journals Online Select items at the resource for UWest patrons only.Mixed abstract and full-text.

Brill is an academic publisher with specialties in humanities and social sciences. A green icon next to a title will indicate full text access.

Digital Library & Museum of Buddhist Studies Mixed abstract and full-text.

Aims to cover many different online resources for the study of Buddhism. Including canons, journal articles, dissertations, and more.

EthicShare Abstract only.

A comprehensive collection of ethics resources including searchable research materials. Click 'Find in a Library' in your search results to find a copy of the material in our library.

FoGuangPedia Collection Mixed abstract and full-text.

FoGuangPedia 佛光百科 is a collaborative platform for understanding, researching, discussing and sharing information on Humanistic Buddhism 人間佛教, Venerable Master Hsing Yun's works and collections 星雲大師文集, Fo Guang Shan's terminologies 佛光山詞彙, Buddhism Q&A 佛學問答, Buddhist translations, and many others information and topics related to the propagation of Humanistic Buddhism in English. Also: academic papers, books, Venerable Master Hsing Yun's collections, newsletters, FGS translations, ritual & ceremony, Ch'an meditation materials,lectures, teaching materials, etc.

Ideas of India Abstract only.

Indexes of articles published in Indian periodicals.

INBUDS: Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Database Mixed abstract and full-text.

Bibliographic database of Buddhism related articles & books published in Japan. Includes articles in many languages, including English.

JSTOR (Arts & Science I-VII Collection) Select items at the resource for UWest patrons only.Mixed abstract and full-text.

Includes titles such as: The Journal of Asian Studies, Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Numen, Inner Asia, and more. Non-UWest users can access certain articles in the Register and Read program.

PhilPapers Mixed abstract and full-text.

"PhilPapers is a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers."

ProQuest Religion For current UWest patrons only.Mixed abstract and full-text.

Indexes more than 2,500 magazine and journals on art, business, humanities, health, social sciences, and sciences. Interfaces available for many languages. Includes Research Library, ProQuest Religion, ProQuest Psychology Journals, and Dissertation/Thesis Abstracts.

South Asia Research Documentation Services 3 (SARDS3) Abstract only.

"...an electronic database containing bibliographic references to South Asia research articles published in journals, collective volumes, conference proceedings, Festschriften, etc."