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COPE Members

Being a member of COPE indicates a journal "intends to follow the highest standards of publication ethics" and "will follow the Code of Conduct for Journal Editors" as set by COPE.

Journal / Author Name Estimator Mixed abstract and full-text.

With an abstract, JANE is able to recommend a list of journals (mostly from the health and biomedical fields) to submit to for publication, as well as a list of authors and articles covering similar topics.


This site provides a searchable directory of publishers' copyright and self-archiving policies. These policies govern how you can share and post your article elsewhere after publication. Note that unless you publish with an open access journal or a journal with an open access option, access to your article may be restricted to patrons of academic libraries and those who subscribe to the journal.

Think. Check. Submit

Not all journal have the policies, standards, and reputation to be an appropriate platform for your research. Use this guide to help you choose the right journal for your research.