Having off-campus access issues to a database or a particular item you found in a database? 3 ways to fix it!

On-campus, library patrons may access all databases without authentication. However, off-campus access to database items requires an authentication process either (1) through the library website or (2, 3) through a special library link.


(1) If you are having trouble accessing databases such as JSTOR, Films on Demand, or ProQuest while off campus, make sure you go through the links provided on the library website:



(2) If you would like to share a link to a particular item (an article, a video, a report, or an e-book) in a database with another UWest library patron or as a reminder to yourself, we recommend you use the '(Perma) Link,' 'Share,' or 'Email' function that is available in the databases. It will provide you with a special library link as a proxy to the item so that it can be accessed both on and off-campus:

All special library links to individual database items should begin with:


This lets the database know that a UWest library patron would like to access the item.



(3) If you encounter a link to a database item that does not start with




then the database may not give you off campus access. Most databases serve multiple institutions, it doesn't know you are a UWest patron if you are off campus. You must login via the library website or go through a special library link. Try adding


to the beginning of the URL. Or search for the item through the database link from the library website http://lib.uwest.edu/main?qt-search=3#qt-search if you know which database the item came from.

If these three methods do not help your access issues, please contact the library for further assistance.

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