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Google Research Tools

Using Google Scholar

๐Ÿ’ฌ Get UWest Full Text from Google Scholar, Don't Pay!

Look for the Find It @ UWest link next to the Google Scholar results. It will take you to the full text we have available in our databases:

Click on Find It @ UWest at the right hand side.

If you run into problems accessing Google Scholar, or you cannot see the Find It @ UWest link, you may reset UWest settings by going to this link and saving the setting:

If there is no link, or if the link is broken, click on Cite, it will provide you with the bibliographic information to get from citation to full text.

Quick Links

Google Books Mixed abstract and full-text.

Search for books in the public domain or snippets of copyrighted books.

Google Scholar Select items at the resource for UWest patrons only. Mixed abstract and full-text.

Use the power of Google to search for books, articles, and online resources. Access via UWest to incorporate our full text database resources.

Google Scholar: Case Law

Find case laws from federal and state courts.


Official Google scholar blog

Keep up to date on new features with the official Google scholar blog.